I notice I haven’t seen my family in a long time. We have stepped over the one year mark for Corona, and the lockdown does not seem to be anywhere close to being over anytime soon. I also wish I could go to the office to work on my internship from there, and see my supervisors and the other interns in real life. As part of my internship I am conducting a literature review. The results show that commitment is very important for people to have a purpose, a specific goal to work towards, each and every day of their life. It is the reason why they get out of bed in the morning, and stay energized throughout the day. Commitment is very important for sharing with others what’s going on with you. Especially during times like this it should become okay to not be okay sometimes. Working from home might negatively influence how committed you feel towards your profession, but here are a few tips to help stay committed even now, indoors:

  • Engage in job crafting: do you find it sometimes difficult to stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand when trying to work from home, because there are too many papers lying around on the table? Create your own working space and don’t be scared to get creative with it! I like to have my books lined up at the side of my desk, ready to reach should I be needing them for a meeting maybe. Besides pens, my daily performance planner, and my aloe vera plant, I usually don’t have much else lying around, because I find it highly distracting.
  • Stay physically active: Research shows it is extremely important to keep on exercising to improve concentration, and deal with any frustration that might come up over the course of a day of sitting at the working desk for the most part of the day. Outside I see people on racing bikes and runners (myself enjoying doing sprints as well every once in a while, because it is time efficient), and indoors you have many options too. Why not get a pullup bar for cheap, or some weights, or do some yoga, or dance a little bit? According to research you need at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. What you do to meet your exercise goals is in your hands, your choice to decide, and options are abundant!

Because commitment is so important, it’s one of our key factors in our “how to WOUW” programme. For more info checkout our website!

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