I am close to the end of my journey and you might be wondering what came out of six months’ work. In this blog I will focus on what the literature review and thematic analysis have in common, because these factors are the ones supported by theory and practice.

  • Work-life balance : Work-life balance is a great indicator of wellbeing. However, since the Corona pandemic a lot of change has impacted work-life balance, especially for those with kids. Working from home, trying to juggle multiple roles at once, can easily bring the two out of sync. The pattern HR managers recognise among many NL workers is that employees tend to work until late in the evening, or even on weekends. This could be because home-offices make the boundary between home time and working time more blurry. Luckily more and more employees are allowed to go back to the office.
  • Relatedness : Because regulations get less strict as time goes on, there is hope that still in 2021 employees’ need for relatedness will be satisfied. It was interesting to see that the part and type of connection people miss is the informal coffee breaks employees have together. Now that the coffee moments are gone, employees find it hard to take breaks. It was suggested by some HR managers to do meetings 1on1 while walking. This has already been implemented in some companies and employees are very happy with it.

In short these similarities emerged from my literature research and interviews. It is good to know what to focus on, as these factors can be life-changing. And that is exactly what WOUW Performance Coaching focuses on; helping employees improve. If you are interested, reach out to us and inquire about our ‘How-to-WOUW’ programme to learn more.

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